Hi-End Security engages its employees as team members with freedom of speech and thinking. We have an open-door policy, striving to create a welcoming and friendly working environment for all employees and clients.


Hi-End security believes that concierge is a specialty service and requires the right individual to represent a luxury condominium, as they are the first one to be noticed by the people walking into a building. All guards chosen are not only trained to do their job well, but are very well experienced in being courteous, dependable, and provide first class quality service. Our guards are extremely efficient in writing prompt and detailed daily reports and are thoroughly trained in incident report writing. We deliver high profile, visible concierge services to corporate community.


Hi-End Security currently provides stable and reliable safety to many different banquet halls, sports arenas, residential apartment complexes, as well as office buildings. Our guards are selectively chosen for their superior communication and extensive problem-solving skills. A courteous cum professional attitude is vital in gaining the respect of the public. Our guards will also be trained in water, electric, gas, and heat shut off procedures, which are vital tools to assure a site is properly secured. We currently provide security services for Condominium Corporations in the Regions of PEEL, HALTON and TORONTO with all of their programs and events.


At Hi-End Security, we emphasize on constant vigilance when it comes to onsite patrol and securing the premises. Patrol guards, mobile security, and constant monitoring are necessary to ensure that the property is clear of unauthorized personnel and corporation assets are well protected. Our guards are also thoroughly trained in camera surveillance and monitoring, hence they cover both physical and digital aspects of surveillance security. Our guards are responsible for ensuring that only permitted vehicles enter and leave the premises.