Hi-End Security engages its employees as team members with freedom of speech and thinking. We have an open-door policy, striving to create a welcoming and friendly working environment for all employees and clients.


Hi-End Security managers recruit Security Officers from community colleges attending Law and Security or Police Foundations programs, through job fairs, ongoing advertisement campaigns within various Community newspapers, as well as various websites. Job descriptions are prepared for all applicable positions at Hi-End Security. /Officer

  • All candidates are screened using personal interviews, background checks and must successfully meet all standards set by our company before earning a place on the Hi-End Security team. The men and women are selected by virtue of their experience, knowledge, and commitment to private security as a career choice, and we strengthen their skills with continuing training in security techniques, self-defence, tactical communications, non-violent crisis intervention and criminal code to name a few of the courses provided in-house by qualified Instructors.

Hi-End Security's Hiring Process is a Four-Step Undertaking As Follows

Step One- Initial Contact:
this can take many forms, including:

  • Telephone response to an advertised position.

  • Resume response to an advertised position.

  • Unsolicited calls and resumes

  • Employee and client referrals

Step Two - Application

This contact establishes whether the applicant(s) possess the minimum requirements established by the Company for the position in question. Applicants who meet or surpass ‘mandatory, minimum’ requirements are invited to an interview. When the invitation is extended, applicants are advised that they must; complete an application for employment which includes a skills inventory, and general aptitude questionnaire, furnish proof of stated training, skill base and experience in addition to providing picture identification that meets current Provincial Identification standards, provide personal, and professional references, provide evidence of fitness to perform essential duties of the position, and successfully complete and pass the Company Basic Understanding Testing.

Step Three – Background Check

Hi-End Security Services prospective members undergo a police background check during the licensing process through the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

Step Four - Personal Interview:

  • Typically, one hour in length, this interview focuses on an exchange of information. Applicants are asked a range of questions in order to further evaluate technical skills; experience and personal attributes we feel are central to our Company’s work. In addition to reviewing the applicant’s credentials and test results, time is spent describing orientation requirements, the probationary period, job demands, Company expectations, mandatory training, professional development opportunities, operational and infrastructure details, e.g. time sheets, reporting relationships, etc.

  • Applicants who have successfully passed the Interview stage are required to participate in, and pass with a score of 70% or more, sixteen (16) hours of the classroom ‘Basic and Orientation’ training. Applicants are made aware that an offer of employment is not extended unless they have successfully passed ‘Basic and Orientation’ training.

  • Recruitment initiatives are continuous and reflect current and projected client populations. We have been successful in recruiting and keeping highly-skilled, dedicated security professionals, and have developed a recruitment plan that will ensure that we have more than an adequate number of trained, oriented, and qualified professionals.

Other Relevant Facts:

  • Current employees are considered for advancement when their performance record, based on regular reviews, and successful completion of mandatory, and voluntary training courses show they deserve such consideration.

  • Hi-End Security is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to all Federal and Provincial statutes governing employment. We employ non-discriminatory hiring practices.

  • Mandatory Security Officer Requirements; The standard qualification requirements of the Industry are.

    • Minimum age of eighteen (18) years for Security Officer Services.

    • Canadian citizen, landed immigrant status or maintains a valid work permit.

    • Have no criminal record.

Hi-End Security employees must:

  • Maintain a clean driving abstract, for mobile services.

  • Possess excellent public relations skill.

  • Possess good written and verbal command of the English language.

  • Be physically fit and well-groomed.